Fur Babies are cute, people are crazy!


Kids come in all shapes, sizes, and in this day and age....species.  In a sense, pets are small, furry, adorable children that never grow up.  I mean, think about it, there are so many unnecessary "things" that we buy for our children; pets are no different.  The 66 Billion dollar pet industry has really outdone themselves and the products are a bit disturbing.


The High Chair: That's right, just like little "Timmy," Fido can now sit at the table with the family! I wonder if they offer etiquette classes with this purchase?


Bubble Machine:  Want to entertain the kids and the dog at the same time?  Problem solved - they now offer a bacon flavored "dog" bubble machine.  I'm confused: this is downright mean.  How dare someone confuse these poor animals as to something as magnificent as bacon, RUDE!

Image result for dog bubble machine

Pet Perfume: Because every pet deserves his/her best chance at the park.......yeah, that's all I have to say about that



Underwear: I must say I am more than a bit terrified, yet oddly intrigued.  These pet panties apparently neutralize the smell of flatulence due to the charcoal material, say what?!



The Pet Bed: Now this is totally legit, out of all the things you can do for your pet a bed actually makes sense.  Having their own space can provide all sorts of great things for a pet: reduced anxiety, a decrease in the amount of hair and dander on your bed, and cushioning for any pet with hip and joint issues.  


serta bed

Check out Carolina Mattress and Furniture's selection, with the purchase of select Mattresses you can get the Serta Orthopedic Foam Cuddler Pet bed for free.  A portion of your purchase will also be donated to Pets Inc@ a no-kill pet rescue and adoption center in West Columbia, SC. 

                                            **offer runs July 26th-August 16th**

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  • Ashley Bouknight
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  • KC

    I can’t wait for the cutest pet contest to start!

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