Oh Sheet!



Your bed is the worst place to make a bad impression.  What's under your covers can make the difference in what or whom goes in them....

I have been picking the brains of all of my guy friends, single and not, to determine what thought process a man goes through when getting a set of sheets.  The consensus is as follows: Price, comfort, and ease of purchase.

This being said, men, I am providing you with the most important tools to make your bed inviting.

1. A decent mattress; I prefer the Simmons Beautyrest Hybrid, but do your own research.


2.  Have a ceiling fan in your room (for the cuddle factor)fan

3.  CLEAN, high thread count sheets, stick with over 1200 (no one wants to lay down on your 30 day old sweat or cover up with scratchy sheets)                                                                            sheets

4. Alternative down comforter and a duvet cover that can be washed. (this makes the bed look fluffy and "dive-inable")



Now go shopping and get your very own "bedgasm"!!!!


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  • Ashley Bouknight
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