Pillow Talk: 3 Nocturnal Nags That Make For Groggy Mornings

mattress reviewsWe talk a lot about getting to sleep, but less about waking up in the morning. This is strange because these factors go hand in hand. Have you ever gone to bed and woken up in the morning feeling utterly exhausted? Maybe a little achy? 

Most adults need somewhere between seven and nine hours of sleep every night. In those hours, there are tons of factors that contribute to poor sleep that we're often unaware of. That is until waking up feeling like you slept 20 minutes instead of 8 hours. What gives? 

We want you to wake up refreshed every morning, so we've got a few things that affect your sleep environment, body, and quality of slumber. 

Sleep style

Many people don't know that having certain types of pillows for the way they sleep has a great deal to do with sleep quality. A pillow for a back sleeper will be different than a pillow for a stomach sleeper. If you're waking up with neck aches and headaches, it's very possible you might need a better pillow. Don't stop with mattress reviews, make sure your pillow game is strong too. 

Nix the late night snacks

This is a tough one, we know, but it's an important bit of advice for your body. Eating before bed keeps your internal organs and metabolism working overtime while the rest of your body is saying hey, I'm tired, please let me sleep. These culinary conflagrations can cause multiple uncomfortable wakings throughout the night, which lead to morning exhaustion and intestinal discomfort. 

What's going on around you?

Television, phones, iPads, and electronic devices give off harsh blue light that can trick our eyes/brains into thinking it's literally sunlight. This is why Netflix can keep you awake for a long time. Each episode gives off light telling your brain it's not sleep time. Try reading before bed and listening to white noise machines or turning on a fan. Screens before sleep are best left off. 

Tempur pedic mattress, Sealy black, or whatever mattress review sold you, mattresses aren't the only things that have to do with sleep quality. It's easy to look first at your bed, considering it before you consider other elements influencing your sleep. While that's perfectly viable, your sleep environment goes far beyond what you're laying on, don't neglect it and every morning will be a good morning.

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