So It's Summer, Don't Let The Heat Sabotage Your Slumber

sealy black mattressSealy Black mattress, Tempur Pedic mattress, or cloud straight from the heavens with five-star, raving mattress reviews, sleeping in the summertime can be the worst. It's science that our bodies don't like being too warm when it's time for bed. 

About 82% of Americans agree that an extra hour of sleep every night is pretty valuable. It doesn't help when you're awakened a few times in the night because it's too hot in your room and the balmy summer keeps stirring your slumber. So, what gives? 

We know a few things that can help keep you as comfortable as possible when sleeping through the hottest months.

Air circulation

When air is still, heat becomes stagnant. When the air is circulating, it's more likely to be cool. Keep your curtains closed to block out the daytime sun, run a fan, and keep your bedroom door open during the day. This keeps air flowing from around your living space, into your room. Air in motion is always cooler. 

Bedding adjustments

Your bedding for summer and winter have to be different. Flannel sheets in the summer just won't do. Opt for lighter fabrics. It helps to keep a light flat sheet under a slimmer comforter during the summer. This way, as you drift off to sleep and your body cools, you can begin with the flat sheet, then cozy into the comforter later when you're more comfortable.

Bodily preparation

This is one of the most important parts of getting a good night sleep. In the summer, nothing beats a cool shower before bed. Even if it's just to rinse, it'll significantly lower your body temperature and feel nice in the process. Avoid activities that will raise your body temperature before you get ready for bed and let your natural cycle ease you into relaxation. Your body knows when it's time for bed, don't try to hinder it.

Everyone has different hacks for getting to sleep in the summer. Some people have no problem at all, while others loathe the summer months for the uncomfortable sleep. We know your Sealy Black mattress is comfortable, but we also know the trials and tribulations of attempting to sleep when it's too hot. Try these out and invent your own from there. With that, we bid you goodnight.

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