The Humiliation of a Hospital Bed


I recently had the glorious experience of earning a 4 night, 5 day stay at a local hospital.

Night 1: As I lay on a dismal stark white bed sheet (we will call it crisp, because thread count need not apply here) I could not find a comfortable spot.  As if I am not in enough pain already, I am now tossing and turning. To my excitement, I got a field trip to the CT room...the excitement quickly faded as every single bump and lump was felt the entire "ride". A room on an actual floor opened up; I just knew I would get a decent night's sleep being in an actual bed when that happened, or so I thought.


Get into bed

Nights 2 & 3: Definitely a blur, strangely reminiscent of my first year at Bonaroo. I couldn't tell if the pain was from my illness or the god-forsaken bed to which I felt condemned.



Night 4:  Still in a deep haze, more along the lines of a late night in the Vista, but aware of the huge hole that was now my "sleep spot" in this hospital bed. I could not even stretch out without falling in this sink hole posing as a mattress. I feel confident the nurses were quite amused with me asking if this was the Presidential Suite, due to such a glamorous bed.


Sinkhole bed

Night 5:  The epitome of ecstasy: MY OWN BED!!!! As I stretched out on my memory foam mattress, I reflected on the amount of people that must come in to that particular hospital with an ailment, only to come out with a newfound back or neck pain. Never underestimate the power of a good night's sleep!!!!  


Tempur-Pedic Cloud Supreme Breeze

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  • Ashley Bouknight
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